Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you support my tablet?

A: We are proud to support the largest range of tablets in the industry. That being said there are hundreds of tablets currently available with new models being released weekly. In the event that your chosen device is not listed in our extensive supported tablets list we would be happy to create a custom Tablet Fit Kit for you. The process is quick and easy and we’re here to help at every step. There is a one-time development fee of just $49 and we will need a sample of the tablet sent to our offices for development and quality control. After two weeks the tablet is returned along with your completed order and you’re ready to go! We maintain your information on file and you can reorder at any time with no additional custom fees. Custom Fit Kits are available in our Original line.

Q: Do you ship Armodilo products to my country?

A: Armodilo ships globally from our offices in Canada and Australia. For small orders our Canadian warehouse ships using UPS Worldwide Expedited service and large orders are transported with UPS Air Freight. Please note that we respect all Canadian and UN sanctions and certain restrictions may apply. 

Q: What is the difference between the power button and power button access hole and why do I need either option?

A: By default Armodilo’s original housing restricts access to the tablet power button completely. If you plan to be connected to power continuously and have no need to turn off the tablet, this is ideal. If you plan to turn the tablet off once or twice daily (at the end of the day for example) and would still like to prevent members of the public from pressing the power button, the access hole is likely your best option. If you need to be able to turn the tablet on and off regularly throughout the day and wish to allow guests, clients or customers to access this feature as well, then the power button is for you. 

Q: Can I mount non-tablet displays in Armodilo products?

A: Armodilo products are designed exclusively with tablets in mind. Unfortunately we do not offer any solutions for laptops, display panels, televisions or alternative touch screen devices.

Q: Do your products support smart phones?

A: Our products are specifically for tablets and we are not able to offer support for screens smaller than 7”.

Q: What is the largest tablet you are able to support?

A: The largest tablets currently supported are the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Our Original line currently does not support tablets larger than this but the Keyo may be a suitable option for certain devices with larger displays -- please contact us for additional details.

Q: Will Armodilo accessories work with a product we purchased from another company?

A: Our accessories are proprietary and have been designed to work exclusively with our solutions. We do not offer any accessories for third party products.

Q: Do Armodilo products interfere with WIFI, BlueTooth, NFC, etc…

A: Armodilo products are signal transparent and do not interfere with any wireless communication.

Q: Are Armodilo products weather/environment proof?

A: Armodilo products do not provide any significant protection against the elements and are not designed with long-term outdoor use in mind.

Q: Is there adequate room inside the housing to accommodate my additional accessory?


A: In our Original line of products there is some very limited space inside the housing and we cannot guarantee that any non-Armodilo accessories will fit. Our Keyo was designed specifically with accessories in mind and there is adequate space behind the tablet to conceal most small accessories such as, USB or ethernet adapters, USB hubs, power over ethernet adapters and other assorted accessories. We can also accommodate custom solutions and encourage you to contact us for more details. 


Q: Can I charge the tablet while it is installed in the Armodilo stand?

A: Our stands are designed to allow cabling to pass through the rear of the housing and through the tube or tilt assembly depending on the product. The majority of our products can facilitate a clean, cable free look when fully assembled. Certain models, such as the Floor may require extended cables (sold separately) in order to run the full length of the tube.

Q: Can the products be secured to a specific location?

A: All of our products are designed with points that allow you to secure the units the to the floor or other surface through the use screws or bolts (not provided). If you would prefer to utilize a less permanent solution we offer the QuikLink Secure adapter that will allow you to connect a standard Kensington cable lock to the units. (Please note that the Tilt and Surface must be secured using bolts or screws as applicable.)

Q: Can I use my tablet in either portrait or landscape orientation?


A: With both our Original and Xero products you have the option to secure the housing in either orientation during setup, as it is most applicable to your installation.  Our Aura and Keyo products lines are available in landscape orientation only. If you require the ability to change orientation on the fly during use with either the Original or Xero products you may take advantage of our ArmoTwist accessory. Please note that the ArmoTwist is not compatible with all units and restrictions apply. Please call for more details.