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Increasing in-store retail financing applications 20%

Mechanicsburg, PA – Every digital signage or interactive touchpoint deployment provides an opportunity to reach out to your customers where they are using an intuitive interface. The most successful touchpoint kiosk deployments are not just interactive, they are attractive. For over 20 years, the managed services offered by Versatile Credit have brought a full service bundle to retailers in markets where many customers might not be able to make essential purchases without financing.

Working with Armodilo has proven to be a huge success for Versatile Credit, whose kiosks have been able to provide immediate benefits to retailers through big ticket in-store retail financing. "Generally speaking, our kiosk that includes the Sphere will increase credit applications by 20% for retailers,” Lawrence said.

“We drive down declines by 40% and deliver an average of $4000 per approval, and increase the credit ticket by as much as 30%."

Self-service kiosks streamline applications

Self-service kiosks streamline applications

Nobody loves filling out applications. Retailers selling big ticket items like furniture, flooring, mattresses, automotive service and even jewelry often develop relationships with their customers through in-store financing. However, the financing application and approval process often requires customers to fill out forms with private and personal information multiple times in order to get approved, and retailers are responsible for informing customers about the status of their applications. 

Versatile Credit offers a unique solution to streamline the financing application process using computer-powered kiosks to secure personal information and automatically proceed with various financing options to save customers from embarrassment and increase the likelihood of in-store financing approval. However, these traditional kiosks were costly, and required dedicated floor space from retailers, so Versatile Credit considered a tablet-powered, self-service kiosk option.

We recognized the need for a countertop kiosk, to provide a more economical and smaller footprint option,” said Kevin Lawrence, VP Sales and Marketing, “so we knew we were going to go with a tablet, but it needed to be a fully enclosed system. We make sure that the experience is optimal for the retailer and their customer. We needed to present the tablet in a way that was consistent with our other models."

Experiences designed to increase engagement

Because Versatile Credit serves clients with their own retail aesthetics, it was also important that the tablet-powered kiosks had the flexibility to look natural in any retail space. That meant not having exposed wires and buttons, and having the ability to easily attach a printer. We decided the Sphere was the best tablet enclosure for our needs. 

“There were other enclosures available in the marketplace,” Lawrence said, “but they didn’t offer the package that we wanted to present to our retailers and Armodilo filled that bill for us. They helped us develop a custom Tablet Fit Kit that would work specifically for the tablet we were using, and as the tablet design evolved, we were able to work with the Armodilo team to make those changes as well.”

Choosing the Armodilo Sphere as the enclosure for their tablet-powered kiosks has made it easy for Versatile Credit to deploy their solution. Retailers can order enclosures in the colors that best fit their stores, and the tablets take less than 5 minutes to install, making them very attractive to retailers and shoppers alike. 

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Experiences designed to increase engagement