Multi-Tablet Capable

Armodilo's award-winning iPad and tablet enclosures are the only products on the market that can be fitted with a wide variety of tablets. Our Original and Keyo series works with switchable Tablet Fit Kits, while our Xero and AURA products use a static tablet holder design. Whatever version you choose, feel confident knowing we have your tablet device covered.

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Armodilo Fit Any Tablet Fit Kit Switch

Not Listed? We Can Fit It

If we don’t currently support your tablet, we can custom fit most tablets in our Original series of stands starting at $149. The process is quick, simple and easy – typical turn around is 7 - 10 business days. Talk to one of our customer service representatives for more information.


The Tablet Fit Differences

Tablet Fit Kits™ – One Enclosure, Any Tablet

Each of our Original stands and enclosures comes with one of our Tablet Fit Kits for the tablet of your choice. If you ever choose to use a different tablet of similar size, rather than replace the stand, all you need is a new Tablet Fit Kit.

Armodilo Tablet Fit Kit Sphere
Armodilo Sphere XERO Exploded

Static Fit – One Enclosure, Single Tablet

Each of our Xero, AURA and LITE stands and kiosks comes custom made with a Static Fit or Tablet carriers for the tablet of your choice. These tablet holders are static, meaning they aren't upgradable down the road like our Original series, but they still give you the flexibility to use any tablet on our supported list or have one custom fitted.

Three lines, three tablet fit styles.

Our distinct product lines have different ways of securing tablets within the stands and holders. Here's a quick summary of each: